Banking Positions

Vice President, Branch Manager III

The Branch Manager III is responsible for the efficient and effective management of a full-service branch office that exceeds $100 million in total deposits.  Responsibilities include ensuring that established policies and procedures are followed, and that appropriate day-to-day operations are delegated to the Assistant Branch Manager or FSR Supervisor in order to be available to conduct business calls and to represent the Bank at civic and service club functions.


  1. Implements QNB’s Q2 Service and Sales programs with creativity and energy such that goals are achieved and quality standards are met or exceeded.
  2. Ensures that the branch is open and ready to conduct business each business day.  Delegates various operational duties to the Assistant Branch Manager or head teller, but assumes overall administrative responsibility for operating the branch.
  3. Acts as a coach for the branch in such areas as staff motivation and support of senior management decisions. 
  4. Attends and ensures staff attendance at various branch and bank meetings. 
  5. Communicates with senior management as to how the Bank is perceived by employees and customers. 
  6. Promotes the team spirit of the branch.
  7. Calls on major existing and prospective clients to develop new business and to retain or expand existing business; represents the Bank in various civic and community functions to further enhance its image and develop additional business.
  8. Maintains prescribed security controls to protect the Bank against criminal and fraudulent operations and unnecessary risk.  Oversees the observance of the Bank's compliance program within the branch.
  9. Ensures that the branch balances all transactions at the close of each business day. 
  10. Is accountable for the general maintenance of the branch and that all walkways are clear of ice, snow, or other debris for the safety and security of customers, employees, and branch assets. 
  11. Ensures that all security procedures are followed strictly.
  12. Ability to discuss credit inquiries with individuals and/or businesses, utilizing lending procedures as outlined in loan policy, and possibly extend credit requests.
  13. Provides support to the platform staff to ensure prompt customer service.
  14. Is available to provide back-up support in the taking of mortgage applications.
  15. Is responsible for the profitability of the branch.  This responsibility includes, but is not limited to: scheduling, reviewing performance and staff development; and conducting regular meetings to keep staff informed and provide opportunities for discussion and problem resolution.
  16. Performs other job-related duties as may be assigned, with the ultimate goal of profitability for the Bank as a whole.
  17. Direct, coordinate, and monitor branch network activities at the discretion of the EVP Chief Retail Officer.  Implement QNB’s policies, procedures, and practices of customer service standards, account production, deposit growth, and other applicable goals.
  18. Works with the EVP Chief Retail Officer to develop achievable and realistic goals for the branch network, and reviews progress of these goals throughout the year.
  19. Engages in active leadership or directorial roles within civic and community groups.
  20. Provides development support to branch managers by mentoring, sharing knowledge, and providing direction.
  21. Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates the ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities including their supervision of other employees.
  22. May be called upon to provide direct support to QNB Executive Team in the absence of EVP Chief Retail Officer.


  1. A minimum of seven years banking experience with progressively more responsible positions within a financial organization in order to gain the necessary experience and background knowledge to manage a full-service branch and deal effectively with employee and customer relations matters. 
  2. A minimum of two years of experience as a Branch Manager.
  3. College or equivalent level courses in business, banking or related areas of equivalent job-related experience.
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  5. Complete familiarity with the Bank's savings, checking and lending policies and guidelines, as well as specific loan programs, qualifications, procedures and policies to provide full deposit and loan services.
  6. The interpersonal skills necessary to conduct business development calls to area agencies and deal with potential customers.
  7. A thorough knowledge of branch operations to coordinate the daily functioning of the branch and to resolve employee and customer problems.

Deposit Operations Officer


The Deposit Operations IRA Officer is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Deposit Operations department and support of Deposit Operations products and services, which includes Electronic Banking and Check Card processing by providing prompt, efficient and accurate service with questions related to Deposit Operations products and services.  This position also serves as a back-up to the SVP of Deposit Operations.

The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Ensures operational policies and procedures are followed.
  2. Allocates work and assure that personnel understand and receive training for the duties they are responsible for completing daily. 
  3. Adjusts schedules and assigns tasks as needed to ensure that work is completed within required time frames and deadlines are met.
  4. Provides employee feedback on work productivity and job performance.   Handles complaints and disciplinary actions when necessary.
  5. Improve or modify procedures as necessary to ensure compliance with various rules and regulations and efficient department operation.
  6. Assists with budgetary planning, allocating and monitoring of department budget.  This may include, but is not limited to purchasing materials, supplies and systems for use within the department or by other departments or branches.
  7. Builds internal and external customer relationships by being accountable for representing the department in a courteous and professional manner. 
  8. Provides a high level of internal and external customer support through telephone, mail, and e-mail regarding Deposit Operations products and services.  This includes inquiries on a wide variety of deposit products and services, and often inquiries which may be of a more complex nature related to IRA products, ACH origination, Commercial Checking Account products, Sweep products, account documentation, regulatory reporting, Electronic Banking and Check Card processing.
  9. Reviews various reports, maintenance changes and employee work for accuracy and appropriateness of critical changes.
  10. Review and reconcile GL to CIF out of balance situations and various balance sheet, income and expense, and CIF accounts.  Monitors these accounts for exceptions and irregularities.  Forwards accounts to management for review.
  11. Monitor unposted clearing accounts to ensure proper use and settlement by staff.
  12. Fulfill QNB compliance in operations by adhering to government regulations, QNB policy, and established procedures.
  13. Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates the ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities including their supervision of other employees.
  14. Completes performance evaluations for all direct reports. 
  15. Assumes other supervisory related duties as required in the SVP Deposit Operations absence.

CD/IRA Officer functions:

  1. Assumes responsibility for the efficient, effective and appropriate operation of IRA accounts products and procedures.
  2. Recommends and develops IRA products and features that meet our customer needs within the framework of the complex IRA/IRS rules.
  3. Coordinates department processing of withdrawals, transfers, penalties, distributions, etc., and ensures proper filings with the IRS.
  4. Maintains current awareness of IRA regulations and assures that staff and branch personnel are adequately trained.
  5. Responds to bank personnel and customer questions regarding IRA regulations, tax deductibility, RMDs, and investments.
  6. Meets with IRA customers regarding distributions, etc., to determine appropriate action on their accounts.
  7. Follows up on outstanding exception items and special requests with IRA accounts.
  8. Corresponds with other Financial Institutions to facilitate transfers and rollovers from qualified plans in a manner that meets customer needs.
  9. Update and review customer records to assure accuracy of year-end interest reporting to the IRS.  Forward required documentation to Data Processing as needed in a timely manner in accord with penalty schedules established by the IRS.
  10. Perform review of daily IRA transactions, including reviewing prior days IRA transactions to ensure compliance with IRS reporting requirements and IRA regulations.  Make corrections as required.
  11. Prepare paperwork for IRA customers and review paperwork completed by branch staff to ensure appropriateness and compliance with IRA regulations.  Ensuring that these documents have been scanned and made available in the document imaging system.

Data Ownership Functions:

  • Serves as Data Owner of the Time Deposit applications (CD/IRA), having oversight responsibility for all data entry, maintenance, enhancements, and data integrity associated with that application.
  • Serves as assistant to Data Owner of the CIF, DDA and Safe Deposit Box applications.


  1. 5 years previous Deposit and/or Time Deposit operations experience
  2. Previous supervisory experience or skills to provide effective leadership for the department
  3. Previous customer service experience
  4. Interpersonal skills to represent the Bank in a positive way in dealing with internal and external customer transactions.
  5. Must be willing to attend job-related seminars.
  6. Must be flexible with hours - may be required to work extended evening or Saturday hours.
  7. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
  8. A minimum of two years of experience and familiarity with IRA legislation.
  9. Previous supervisory experience with Electronic Banking and Card Processing
  10. Recent attendance at IRA seminars dealing with various levels of IRA legislation
  11. Intermediate knowledge of Jack Henry SilverLake CIF, DDA and/or Time Deposit system
  12. Project management skills

Full and Part Time Financial Services Representatives (Teller)


  1. Models Q2 Service and Sales programs with creativity and energy such that goals are achieved and quality standards are met or exceeded. Takes personal initiative and is a positive example for others to emulate.
  2. Builds customer relationships by being accountable for representing QNB to the customer in a courteous, confidential, and professional manner, and for providing prompt efficient and accurate service in processing transactions through consultative selling and cross-selling in a positive manner.
  3. Cross-sells deposit and loan products and refers customers to appropriate person or department.
  4. Performs paying and receiving teller functions accurately and balances cash drawer at the end of the day.
  5. Must be proficient in all aspects of the role of Financial Service Representative.
  6. Able to relate to other people beyond giving and receiving instructions.
  7. Must have strong QNB product knowledge and actively champion QNB Service and Sales, referral and product campaigns.
  8. Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.
  9. Assumes additional job-related duties as requested including the ability to work at any branch location.


  1. Regularly required to stand for prolonged periods of time – all day if necessary.
  2. Successful experience working with customers and co-workers.
  3. Must complete basic FSR training and new accounts training within the first 6 months of employment.
  4. Must complete FSR certification requirement within 18 months of hire.
  5. Ability to lift and maneuver 25-50 pound coin bags.
  6. Communication skills that model QNB’s sales efforts; including the ability to identify and fulfill customers' current and future needs.
  7. Requires basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Completion of high school, vocational training or equivalent.
  8. Fulfill QNB compliance in operations and security by adhering to government regulations, QNB policy, and established procedures.
  9. Must successfully complete Banking Fundamentals within the first 18 months of employment (grade of C or higher).
  10. Must fulfill re-certification requirements for FSR annually


  1. Operate an on-line teller terminal and other standard office equipment, including an adding machine and possess keyboarding skills and have a comfort with standard computer skills (i.e. Outlook, Word, and Excel).
  2. Previous or current bank experience desired, but not required.

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