Banking Positions

Commercial Credit Analyst II


  1. Perform various duties involved with the credit analysis function on mid-level sized relationships, based upon complexity, as assigned. Develop information for use by the Relationship Managers, Loan Committee, and Board Loan Committee for the purpose of making decisions on new and existing loans. These duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Collect and analyze credit information from all available sources, including in-house, other financial institutions, various agencies, etc.
    • Analyze financial statements and all related material, in part, through use of spreading software.
    • Attend and participate in customer calls with the Relationship Managers, including the documenting of calls, as requested.
    • Development and preparation of credit presentations to document credit files and provide the Relationship Managers and/or QNB Loan Committee and Board Loan Committee with the information necessary to make informed credit decisions.
  2. Monitor the maintenance and updating of credit files.
  3. Monitor progress log for all scheduled annual reviews and insure completion of such reviews within the set time parameters.
  4. Review Biweekly Loan Report for accuracy.
  5. Assist in developing new procedures and programming to enhance automation and efficiency.
  6. Assume management of departmental workflow in the absence of the Senior Credit Officer or Assistant Credit Manager.
  7. Serve as back-up for Commercial Credit Assistants.
  8. Handle routine correspondence with customers.
  9. Complete assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrate ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.
  10. Assume additional responsibilities as requested.


  1. Must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in finance, accounting or economics.
  2. Must have a minimum of 5 years banking experience or 3 years credit analysis experience.
  3. Advanced knowledge of financial statements.
  4. Ability to multi-task and work effectively with colleagues, managing time and resources to ensure work is completed efficiently and within established time frame.
  5. Interpersonal skills to represent QNB in a positive manner when dealing with internal and external customers.
  6. Must be proficient in various computer applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

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Commercial Lending Officer


  1. Interview loan applicants and collect and analyze financial data in order to determine the general creditworthiness of the prospect and the merits of the specific loan request.
  2. Negotiates, establishes terms, and approves loans within authority.
  3. Collect and analyze information which reflects the current creditworthiness of customers and the current merits of existing loans. Information may be obtained by direct inspection of the applicant’s business and/or collateral, review of interim financial reports, personal interview, etc.
  4. Monitor loan repayment activities and take necessary action to collect from past due accounts.
  5. Develop new business by contacting prospects and customers. Also cross-sells Bank services.
  6. Develop material for and make loan presentations to the Executive Committee where required.
  7. Participate in community affairs to increase the Bank’s visibility.
  8. Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.
  9. Assumes additional responsibilities as requested.

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Deposit Operations Representative II

Provides internal and external customer support through telephone, mail, and e-mail of deposit operations products and services. Includes inquiries on a wide variety of deposit, CD, IRA, safe deposit box products, and electronic devices and services (including, but not limited to ATM and Check Cards, merchant products, internet, mobile and voice banking) as well as other additional products and services that support and compliment deposit products. Builds internal customer relationships by being accountable for representing the department in a courteous and professional manner. Provide prompt efficient and accurate service with questions related to Deposit Operations. Takes personal initiative and is a positive example for others to emulate. Attends job-related seminars as directed by supervisor. May be requested to perform duties as backup for the Courier/Mailroom Receiving Clerk as necessary.

Deposit Operation functions:

  • Research all types of questions, problems, department-related needs as it applies to the various products and services and functions supported by Deposit Operations.
  • Review and settle various GL and /or CIF accounts and other transactions related to Deposit Operations.
  • Review and process functions related to statement rendering.
  • Maintain and fulfill all department regulatory requirements.
  • Accurately researches and performs a variety of adjustments, account corrections and transactions as related to various Deposit Operations products and services. This may include maintaining supporting documentation to ensure regulatory compliance and preparing customer correspondence.
  • Process daily reports including distribution to various departments and employees.
  • Place supply orders, handling and distributing the supply inventory as necessary, which may also include branch ATM, merchant and gift card supplies.
  • Review and secure mail returned for incorrect address.  Research and correspond with customer to obtain updated and accurate mailing/customer contact information.
  • Research and process updates or corrections to customer tax reporting as it relates to Deposit Operations products or services.

Deposit Operations New Account, Product Enrollment and Maintenance functions:

  • Accurately completes input for new, or maintenance changes to, various account records or ancillary products. Examples include, but are not limited to address changes, account registration changes, changes in account type, CD interest payment changes, CIF scrub, processing card orders and maintenances, online enrollments or modifications, etc.
  • Review and process new account application requests through the online account opening system. Correspond with customers as necessary to process and complete their applications and documents required.
  • Maintain safe deposit box records and files, billing safe deposit box, and handling reporting for safe deposit box delinquencies.
  • Perform review of daily new accounts or maintenance reports to ensure supporting documentation is on file and that data fields or changes have been performed completely and accurately. Contact branch personnel in the event of conflicting information to determine correct information and enter maintenance changes as needed. 
  • Ensure that appropriate documentation has been completed to support all new accounts, product or service enrollments and/or maintenance requests; that they have been completed correctly, scanned and made available on the document imaging system. This may include review of legal documents prepared by customer’s attorneys and accountants.
  • Maintain a list of pending information and/or documentation for each branch.
  • Perform manual indexing of scanned documents that are not automatically readable by the document imaging system to ensure they are made available for viewing.
  • Assist with updating, maintaining, and testing the platform automation as it relates to new account upload, maintenance, term changes, card ordering and other platform functions.
  • May assist with review of prospective merchant customers and equipment installations for new and existing QNB merchants.
  • Review delayed availability hold and stop payment forms to ensure they are accurately disclosed to the customer and placed on the account timely.

Record Retention functions:

  • Maintain awareness of record retention requirements as prescribed by banking laws, ABA, and PBA recommendations.
  • Assure that records are stored in appropriate facilities to insure their safety and privacy.
  • Maintain adequate records of record retention facilities to facilitate retrieval of documents when needed.
  • Evaluates the cost of record retention to ensure that the Bank is using the most cost-effective and efficient means of record storage.
  • Investigates new systems of record retention and works with management to make recommendations for upgrades to systems and facilities.

Overdraft/Exception Maintenance functions:

  • Process chargeback of returned deposit items by researching initial deposit account, corresponding with depositor where necessary. Taking appropriate action to protect the Bank against loss and making decisions to redeposit or charge account.
  • Process and balancing un-posted DDA or CD items by researching reason item un-posted, taking appropriate action to have item posted or re-input, and/or making decision to return to correspondent Bank when appropriate.
  • Determine appropriate action to be taken on potential stop payment checks by reviewing stop payment report, making inquiries and returning or paying checks. Monitoring, processing, and returning ACH transactions and pre-notes when necessary.
  • Respond to telephone inquiries regarding returned checks, overdrafts, ACH deposits and originations, stop payments, etc.
  • Determine whether to pay or return overdrafts within lending limit assigned following department procedures and evaluation of circumstances. Logging and preparing return items to be sent in a cash letter to the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Monitor and make decisions regarding closing delinquent accounts and reporting those accounts to various collection agencies. Process and balance collection/payment due invoices from various collection agencies. Update the closed/overdraft accounts database as accounts are charged off or payments are received.
  • Monitor, process and return ACH transactions and pre-notes as necessary.
  • Input entries to/for direct returns and notifications of change.

CD/IRA functions:

  • Prepare and mail Certificate of Deposit interest checks.
  • Process withdrawals, transfers, penalties, distributions, etc., and ensure proper filings with the IRS.
  • Respond to bank personnel and customer questions regarding IRA regulations, tax deductibility, RMDs, and investments.
  • Meet/Speak with IRA customers as required regarding distributions, etc., to determine appropriate action on their accounts.
  • Follow up on outstanding exception items and special requests with IRA accounts.
  • Perform review of daily IRA transactions, including reviewing prior days IRA transactions to ensure compliance with IRS reporting requirements and IRA regulations. Make corrections as required.
  • Prepare paper work for IRA customers and review paperwork completed by branch staff to ensure appropriateness and compliance with IRA regulations. Ensuring that these documents have been scanned and made available in the document imaging system.
  • Prepare input and entering of new account and investment information (for both CIF and IRA), as well as, data entry of transactions.
  • Maintain current awareness of IRA rules and regulations.
  • Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.
  • Assumes additional job-related duties as may be assigned.


  1. Requires basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Completion of high school, vocational training or equivalent.
  2. Interpersonal skills to represent the Bank in a positive way in dealing with internal and external customer transactions.
  3. Strong keyboarding skills.
  4. Strong knowledge of, and experience using, Microsoft Office applications.
  5. Strong organizational skills
  6. Fulfill QNB compliance in operations and security procedures by adhering to government regulations, QNB policy, and established procedures.
  7. Must be able to lift and maneuver 10-pound cartons/boxes.
  8. Must be flexible with hours – may be required to work extended hours.

Courier/Mailroom Receiving Clerk:

  1. Must be able to lift and maneuver 50-pound cartons/boxes.
  2. Must have own vehicle to use.
  3. Must have a valid PA driver’s license and have proof of insurance.
  4. Must be flexible with hours – may be required to work extended hours.


  1. Banking experience in a Deposit Operations department.
  2. Working knowledge of Jack Henry Silverlake system.
  3. Excellent Microsoft Office applications skills.
  4. Previous customer service experience.
  5. Familiarity with Electronic banking products/services, ACH transactions, IRA accounts, NACHA rules and regulations, and /or IRA regulations.
  6. Recent experience with IRA regulations and legislation.

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Full and Part Time Financial Services Representatives (Teller)

Current available positions are located in Quakertown, Perkasie, and Souderton.


  1. Models Q2 Service and Sales programs with creativity and energy such that goals are achieved and quality standards are met or exceeded. Takes personal initiative and is a positive example for others to emulate.
  2. Builds customer relationships by being accountable for representing QNB to the customer in a courteous, confidential, and professional manner, and for providing prompt efficient and accurate service in processing transactions through consultative selling and cross-selling in a positive manner.
  3. Cross-sells deposit and loan products and refers customers to appropriate person or department.
  4. Performs paying and receiving teller functions accurately and balances cash drawer at the end of the day.
  5. Must be proficient in all aspects of the role of Financial Service Representative.
  6. Able to relate to other people beyond giving and receiving instructions.
  7. Must have strong QNB product knowledge and actively champion QNB Service and Sales, referral and product campaigns.
  8. Completes assigned compliance training in a timely manner and demonstrates ability to apply training to their duties and responsibilities.
  9. Assumes additional job-related duties as requested including the ability to work at any branch location.


  1. Regularly required to stand for prolonged periods of time – all day if necessary.
  2. Successful experience working with customers and co-workers.
  3. Must complete basic FSR training and new accounts training within the first 6 months of employment.
  4. Must complete FSR certification requirement within 18 months of hire.
  5. Ability to lift and maneuver 25-50 pound coin bags.
  6. Communication skills that model QNB’s sales efforts; including the ability to identify and fulfill customers' current and future needs.
  7. Requires basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Completion of high school, vocational training or equivalent.
  8. Fulfill QNB compliance in operations and security by adhering to government regulations, QNB policy, and established procedures.
  9. Must successfully complete Banking Fundamentals within the first 18 months of employment (grade of C or higher).
  10. Must fulfill re-certification requirements for FSR annually.


  1. Operate an on-line teller terminal and other standard office equipment, including an adding machine and possess keyboarding skills and have a comfort with standard computer skills (i.e. Outlook, Word, and Excel).
  2. Previous or current bank experience desired, but not required.

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