Business eStatement Enrollment

eStatement Delivery Agreement

I agree that by using QNB (QNB) eStatement Service (Service), I accept and intend to be bound by the general terms and conditions governing the service, including without limitation all the following: 

I understand that the eStatement Service allows me to use QNB-Online Internet Banking system whereby QNB will provide through the medium of my computer terminal the electronic form of the monthly statement of my account(s) to allow me to view my statement online.  I agree that the availability of the electronic form on the statement date shall be deemed the date of delivery of the monthly statement of account to me.  I agree that in the event of any error appearing in the Statement of account, I will notify QNB immediately by email using QNB-Online secure email.  If no error is reported within sixty (60) days from the statement date, I agree that the Statement of Account will be deemed to be accurate. 

In order to use the Service, I must be a QNB-Online Internet Banking customer. I must accept the terms of the E-Sign Act in addition to this agreement to become a registered user of the Service.

Please contact your QNB Relationship Manager to enroll in QNB-Online..

Any account holder can enroll accounts with joint ownership for the Service.  Enrollment of the ‘primary’ statement account will also enroll all accounts normally associated with that account statement.  Once enrolled, these accounts will no longer appear on any account owner’s paper statement.  The account statement will be available for viewing to all owners of the account who are enrolled in QNB-Online regardless of which owner enrolled for the Service. 

My periodic eStatement and accompanying legal notices and disclosures will be available to me via QNB-Online.  Once I enroll in eStatements, notification will be provided to the email address I provide that my monthly statement is ready for viewing.  I agree to periodically check my email relating to the availability of my online statement. 

Once enrolled in the Service, I can build up to 36 months (or more) of statement history.  If I close my account, or discontinue QNB-Online enrollment, I will no longer be able to view my statements. 

I can contact QNB if I wish to discontinue this Service. When I discontinue the Service, I will automatically receive mailed account statements beginning with my next statement cycle.


Information I provide in connection with the Service will be stored on secure QNB server(s) and protected by advanced encryption techniques.  These security measures are intended to keep this important information under a virtual lock and key so that it may only be used by me; however, this security is partially contingent upon my responsible behavior in protecting my LogIn information including my Password. 

I am responsible for and must provide all computer equipment, Internet browser and connectivity for this Service.

I will keep the bank informed of any change to my email address and understand that if emails sent to me by the bank cannot be delivered, my enrollment in eStatements will be automatically discontinued, and I will begin receiving mailed statements until such time as I reenroll in eStatements and provide the bank with a valid email address.

By clicking Submit, and enrolling in the Service, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.