ACH Processing/Direct Deposit Payroll

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide electronic payments and collection system used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and financial institutions. The ACH system saves you time, eliminates inconvenience and provides many additional benefits to both employer and employee.

Employer Benefits

  • Administrative Cost Savings -- check processing and reconcilement costs are greatly reduced.
  • Minimizes Cost of Check Replacement -- due to lost or stolen checks.
  • Reduced Risk of Check Fraud.
  • One Point of Contact -- your business deals with only one financial institution (QNB) and the ACH network takes care of distributing payments to your employees' financial institutions wherever they may be.
  • Increased Productivity --studies show employee productivity increases when they no longer have to worry about getting their paycheck deposited.

ACH/Federal Reserve Bank Holiday Schedule

Employee Benefits

  • Immediate Credit -- you receive credit and immediate availability, which means you can withdraw funds or start earning interest sooner.
  • Risk Free Handling -- you never have to worry about losing or misplacing your paycheck
  • Confidentiality --your pay is processed electronically, so clerks or cashiers do not see your paycheck, as they would with a paper check.
  • Total Convenience -- when you combine DDP with a QNB Check Card you will have 24-hour access to your account without ever having to visit the bank.

Extra Benefits as a QNB Customer

You receive the following additional benefits by having your pay directly deposited at QNB:

  • Interest-bearing checking account FREE of monthly maintenance fee
  • NO ANNUAL FEE QNB Check Card

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QNB ACH Processing Deadlines
Debit Transactions
4:00pm Eastern Time ONE Business Day Prior to intended Effective Date
Credit Transactions
4:00pm Eastern Time TWO Business Days Prior to intended Effective Date

Wire Cut Off or ACH Processing Deadlines may be modified based on the published holiday schedule or in the event of Bank closure for emergency. Refer to the Bank Holiday Schedule: ACH/Federal Reserve Bank Holiday Schedule