Business Fee Schedule

Business Fee Schedule
ACH origination file fee1 $15.00
     Per item fee $0.15
CD ROM statement/image delivery product $10.00
Analysis Fee1 $0.10/$1,000
Redeposit Fee5 $10.00
Returned deposited/cashed item fee5 $10.00
Wire transfer fee - incoming (domestic, international) $10.00
Wire transfer fee - outgoing (domestic)  $20.00
Wire transfer fee - outgoing (international) $40.00

The above fees may be offset by the earnings credit (for Business Checking only)

Account Coverage Overdraft Protection transfer fee (per transfer) $7.00
Additional services fee (includes, but is not limited to, account reconciliation) $10.00 minimum, $20.00 per hour
Bill Pay (see QNB Online Commercial Platinum Access)
Check Card None
     Check Card Replacement Fee $8.00
     Card replacement rush fee
          Minimum $25.00 (per card)
          Maximum $100.00 (per card)
Check order fee (varies depending on style of check ordered)
     Temporary checks (per sheet) $1.00
Coin purchasing (bulk)  
     Per tray $2.00
     Per box  $8.00
Domestic/foreign check collection fee (per check) (at cost plus) $30.00
Dormant service charge2 (quarterly) $6.00
Early closeout service charge3 $25.00
Endorsement stamp fee (variable costs)
Excess transaction fee (per excess transaction)   $15.00
Foreign currency exchange fee (at cost plus)6 $15.00
Foreign draft fee $40.00
Foreign returned check fee (at cost plus) $10.00
Garnishment fee (Effective 12/1/20) $350.00
Government levies, attachments, etc. fee $100.00
Money order/Cashier check fee   $8.00
Night deposit lock bag fee (per bag) $20.00
Night deposit zip bag fee (per bag, first two free) $5.00
NSF/Overdraft service charge
     (per item paid or returned)4 $35.00
Payroll envelopes (box of 500) $35.00
Positve Pay Service Fee (per account) $50.00
QNB-Online Commercial Access
     Silver (view only) Access FREE
     Gold (view and transfer) Access FREE
     Platinum (full) Access $10.00/mo.
Signature guarantee/Medallion fee $5.00
Special statement fee (up to 10 pages) $5.00
Stop payment service charge7 $35.00

Safe Deposit Boxes (All are 24" deep)

Size* **Annual Rate
2x5" $27.20
3x5" $36.00
4x5" $41.60
5x5" $51.20
3x10" $57.60
4x10" $71.20
5x10" $77.60
10x10" $137.60
Miscellaneous Safe Deposit Charges
One lost key (surrender box) $15.00
Two lost keys (drill box)  Effective 1/4/21 $200.00
Late payment fee $5.00
Safekeeping of box contents (annual minimum) $25.00
Inventory (per hour, 1 hour minimum) $40.00

*Some sizes may not be available at all locations. All sizes are 24" deep.

**Annual rate requires a QNB account with Auto-Deduct.

Safe Deposit Box contents are not FDIC insured.

Remote Deposit Capture

Monthly fee based on equipment type

Equipment Type Fee
Micro Scanner $500 per scanner plus $10 per month
50 dpm Scanner $800 per scanner plus $20 per month
75 dpm Scanner $800 per scanner plus $30 per month
Additional account $5.00
Deposit adjustment fee $10.00

1 Fee waived with Small Business Checking and Community Service Checking.

2 An account becomes dormant after two years without activity.

3 Assessed if a checking, savings or money market account is closed in the 6 month period following account opening.

4 Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

5 Fee waived for Community Service Checking.

6 Additional fees may apply for small orders.

7 Includes stop payments on postdated checks until postdate.