With QNB-Mobile, you’ve got “Your Community Bank” right in your pocket. Best of all, it’s FREE*, secure, and easy to use! First, you need to enroll for QNB-Mobile through QNB-Online. Going Mobile is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Log-on to QNB-Online, under Preferences, click the Mobile link.
  2. Complete the Mobile Enrollment and Authorization tabs, then click "Submit".
  3. Follow the link sent to your phone via email and you've gone mobile!


The QNB-Mobile App is available on iPhone through the Apple Store and Android through Google Play!

Once enrolled, you can use QNB-Mobile to check your balances, transfer funds, set account alerts, and even deposit checks with QNB-Mobile Check Deposit! You can rest assured that QNB-Mobile has all the same rigorous security features as QNB-Online.

*QNB-Mobile Banking is offered free of charge by QNB Bank. However, you should check with your mobile service provider regarding any text messaging and/or data fees.

View the QNB-Mobile Demonstration Video

View the QNB-Mobile Check Deposit Video

QNB-Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit your checks with your smartphone! To set up the QNB-Mobile Check Deposit feature within the QNB-Mobile App:



  1. On your computer, sign into QNB-Online using your online credentials. Then, click Mobile Check Deposit on the left-hand navigation bar under Services.
  2. The Terms and Conditions screen will appear - Read the agreement, then check the accept button and click accept.
  3. You will then receive a confirmation - Mobile Check Deposit feature has been enabled.
  4. To use QNB-Mobile Check Deposit, launch QNB-Mobile on your smartphone, click Mobile Check Deposit and follow the instructions.

View the QNB-Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

QNB-Mobile Security Features

QNB-Mobile features high levels of online security and encryption. All account information, login info and passwords are masked and never stored on your mobile device. In order to make transfers or Commercial Payments through Mobile App, you are required to set up a Mobile Authorization Code online. In addition, if the Mobile App is idle for 5 minutes, you will automatically be logged out.

Printable QNB-Mobile User Guide

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