Buzz Points

Buzz Points.

Shop Local, Earn Rewards

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Earn Rewards Fast

Finally, a great alternative to credit-card-based programs that tack on costly annual fees, seem to take forever to earn redemptions, or put restrictions on redemptions. Earn points every time you use your QNB Check Card, no matter where you shop. Earn bonus points by shopping at local Buzz Points Merchants. Redeem those points for gift cards to use at your favorite local businesses or contributions to participating charities.

  • Unlike rewards programs from big financial institutions Buzz Points rewards responsible spending and is free of costly fees
  • Get rewarded for patronizing local businesses and keeping your money with a trusted community financial institution
  • Simply use your QNB Check Card and earn points for your everyday purchases

Be in the Know

The Buzz Points Rewards Program incorporates social media to keep you connected to great bonus point offers from local shops, restaurants and service providers in your neighborhood. By simply using your QNB Check Card, you become part of a strong local network that strengthens your community.

  • Online and mobile portals keep you in the loop about offers at your favorite local businesses
  • Quick, seamless online presence allows you to find, track and redeem your points anywhere, at any time
  • Social and gaming activities make tracking your Buzz Points fun and painless

Support your Community

Economic research consistently shows that when you shop locally, as much as 45 cents out of every dollar is reinvested in your community. Shop at a big corporate chain, and only about 15 cents remains local.

  • Get extra points for supporting local businesses that keep your money where it belongs—in your community
  • Earn more rewards for taking advantage of services provided by QNB
  • Help strengthen your community’s unique identity and take a stand for businesses that keep more money local. Protect your local identity from being taken over by big businesses that export your dollars

Be a part of building a strong community with the Buzz Points Rewards Program

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