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Personal Fee Schedule

Personal Fee Schedule
Account Coverage Overdraft Protection transfer fee (per transfer) $7.00
Additional services fee (includes, but not limited to, account reconciliation) $10.00 minimum, $20.00 per hour
Bounce Protection See Overdraft service charge
Check Card None
Check Card replacement fee $8.00
Card replacement rush fee  
Minimum $25.00 (per card)
Maximum $100.00 (per card)
Check order fee (varies depending on style of check ordered)  
Temporary checks (per sheet) $1.00
Coin purchasing (bulk)  
Per tray $2.00
Per box $5.00
Domestic/foreign check collection fee (per check) (at cost plus) $30.00
Dormant service charge1 (quarterly) $6.00
Early closeout service charge2 $25.00
Escheatment fee $50.00
Excess transaction fee (per excess transaction) $10.00
Foreign currency exchange fee (at cost plus)5 $15.00
Foreign draft fee $40.00
Garnishment fee $300.00
Government levies, attachments, etc. fee $100.00
IRA/HSA transfer fee $25.00
IRA/HSA closeout fee $25.00
Money order/Cashier check fee3 $5.00
NSF (per item returned) $35.00
Overdraft service charge (per item paid)4 $35.00
Overdraft protection line of credit auto advance charge $5.00
QNB-Online, including Bill-Pay None
Redeposit fee $10.00
Returned deposited/cashed item fee $10.00
Signature guarantee/Medallion fee $5.00
Special statement fee (up to 10 pages) $5.00
Stop payment service charge6 $35.00
Visa® Gift Card $4.00
Wire transfer fee - incoming (domestic, international) $10.00
Wire transfer fee - outgoing (domestic) $15.00
Wire transfer fee - outgoing (international) $40.00

Safe Deposit Boxes (All are 24" Deep)

Size* **Auto Pay Annual Rate ***Select 50 Auto Pay Rate Regular Annual Rate
2x5" $27.20 $20.40 $34.00
3x5" $36.00 $27.00 $45.00
4x5" $41.60 $31.20 $52.00
5x5" $51.20 $38.40 $64.00
3x10" $57.60 $43.20 $72.00
4x10" $71.20 $53.40 $89.00
5x10" $77.60 $58.20 $97.00
10x10" $137.60 $103.20 $172.00
Miscellaneous Safe Deposit Fees
One lost key (surrender box) $15.00
Two lost keys (drill box) $175.00
Late payment fee $5.00
Safekeeping of box contents (annual minimum) $25.00
Inventory (per hour, 1 hour minimum) $40.00

*Some sizes may not be available at all locations.
**Represents a 20% discount given to customers who have their annual rent automatically deducted from their QNB checking, savings or money market account.
***Represents a 40% discount given to Select 50 Checking customers with auto deduct from their Select 50 account. Discounted rate is 40% Regular Annual Rate.
Safe Deposit Box contents are not FDIC insured.
1 An account becomes dormant after two years without activity.
2 Assessed if a checking, savings or money market account is closed in the 6 month period following account opening.
3 Fee waived for Select 50 customers. Opportunity Accounts receive 5 free money orders per month.
4 Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other Electronic means, as well as, Point of Sale or Check Card transactions identified as recurring. Fee also applies if you authorize us to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions. $140 is the maximum in total fees per day for items paid for overdrawing your account.
5 Additional fees may apply for small orders.
6 Includes stop payments on postdated checks until postdate.