QuiNBy's Savers Club

QuiNBy the ‘Savings Squirrel’ knows how to save money. He’s here to help children from birth to age 13 save for their future. Become a member of QuiNBy’s Savers Club and have fun with Nutty News articles, basic banking tips, and online contests all while learning the importance of saving. Click here to access QuiNBy's Savers Club website!

Click this image to enter the QuiNBy's Savers Club website

QuiNBy’s Savers Club Account Options

(for kids from birth to age 13)

QuiNBy’s Flex CD

  • Requires minimum opening deposit of $100
  • Unlimited additional deposits of $10 increments can be made anytime
  • One penalty-free withdrawal during 12 month term (restrictions apply)
  • Automatic monthly transfers into your QuiNBy’s Flex CD available

QuiNBy’s Statement Savings

(Earns Statement Savings Interest Rate)

  • No-fee Savings Account just for QuiNBy’s Savers Club
  • Only $5 needed to open account

QuiNBy’s Basic CD

  • Offers fixed rate of interest, terms of 12 to 60 months and only a $100 minimum to open