Switch Kit

1) Open QNB Account

  • Visit your local QNB Branch.
  • You can open an account with as little as $25.00!
  • To determine which account fits you best, visit your local QNB Branch or click here to view account options.

2) Move That Money

Use the resources below to make the switch more convenient for you!

Bank Routing Number Example

3) Ready to Close

Once you have completed the switch and verified all outstanding checks have posted and cleared your old account, mail the Account Closing Letter to your previous bank to close your account and send the remaining balance to you. Once you receive those funds, simply deposit into your new QNB account.

We're here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, just call our Customer Service Center at 215-538-5605, use our Secure Online Info Request Form, Online Chat, or visit your local QNB Branch.