IRA Info Center

Welcome to QNB's IRA Info Center. An Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) is your own IRS-approved retirement plan with special tax benefits and privileges. An IRA can save you taxes now and provide significant income after you retire. It's a simple and easy way to save for retirement. And, depending on the type of IRA you choose, your IRA earnings are tax deferred or tax free. To help you answer many of the common questions regarding IRAs, we assembled the following resources:

Traditional & Roth IRAs (PDF)

Roth IRAs (PDF)

Traditional IRAs (PDF)

Transfers, Rollovers and Conversions (PDF)

IRA and Retirement Plan Distributions (PDF)

Inherited IRAs (PDF)

Retirement Plans (PDF)

SEP, SIMPLE IRA, and Individual(k)™ Plans (PDF)

QNB strives to be knowledgeable of changing tax laws. However, we are not tax advisors. We, therefore, encourage you to consult your tax advisor to discuss specific tax benefits for your situation.