Positive Pay


Fighting fraud requires management, attention, control, and cash management technology. Today, check fraud and other payment fraud are rapidly rising and businesses need tools to help them avoid potentially crippling losses. Using QNB’s Positive Pay will help you protect your business’s hard-earned money.

Our web-based fraud mitigation service can assist you in making well-informed decisions about suspicious activity in your QNB business checking account(s).

Get started protecting your business today with our 3-month free trial period!* Contact your QNB Relationship or Branch Manager. Or, request a call from a QNB Cash Management professional.

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Positive Pay enables you to:

  • Reduce your potential exposure to check and ACH fraud.
  • Helps you quickly identify suspicious items and stop fraud before it happens.
  • Provides access to check images and account activity.

How Positive Pay Works

This powerful tool detects fraud by matching the account number, check number, payee name, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks authorized and issued by your business. All of these components must match. If a discrepancy is detected, the item will be flagged as an exception and presented for review and payment decision. Positive Pay can also be used in the same way to screen incoming ACH transactions to identify unauthorized ACH debits.

Step 1
Using QNB Online Banking**, access Positive Pay to upload a file of the check information and/or create rules for ACH information.

Step 2
Items that do not match the file provided will post as an “exception" and require your business’s approval to pay.

Step 3
Your business will review the file daily in QNB Online Banking to approve or reject items presented in the positive pay tool.


*Terms and conditions apply. Once the 3-month free trial period has ended, a monthly service fee of $50 per account will be charged.
**QNB Online Cash Management Access is required to utilize this service. Service fees may apply.